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Enter your Dad into our Father’s Day Sunwear Giveaway

Sunglasses keep our healthy while helping us to see better in the great outdoors.  Exposure to UV increases our risk factors of premature cataracts and macular degeneration. 85% of skin cancer is on the head and neck; 10-15% on the eyelid or lid margins.  Help protect your Dad and all of your loved ones with by encouraging year round use of quality sunwear.  The lenses in our giveaway are Transitions Drivewear which also adjust their tint automatically to the level of brightness and have polarization to reduce sight reducing glare. It's easy to enter!!  Just go to our facebook page like, share and put your Dad's name in our comment section.  One dad will be randomly selected!  Want to learn more about the amazing Drivewear lens?  Click on the Drivewear Image below!Transitions Drivewear