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Christmas Gift Giving “Eye”deas

Christmas is an opportunity to provide thoughtful and useful gifts to those you love.  Sure we may be a little biased because we get excited about all the possibilities when it comes to gift giving from your local eye doc !  Why?  Because we hear it in the office every day but no one really thinks outside of the box on how terrific of a gift can be created within the context of your eyes.

A second pair for a different look

Take for instance the person who would love to have more than one pair of glasses to change up their look throughout the year.  We see the dilemma daily.  A patient who can't decide between which pair of eyewear;  which look they want to go with.  Ultimately they decide on one pair but really love several pairs.  Just as we have more than one pair of shoes; different shoes for different occasions, so do we long for different eyewear for different occasions.  The very first thing that people see when they look at you are your eyes, not your feet!  We have shoes for sports, shoes for dress, shoes for casual and so many fashion conscious people want a different look!

Improve your game

From fishing to cycling to snow skiing and laying on the's a pair of eyewear that can help you be more successful in every sport you participate.  It is amazing how the right pair of eyewear or sunwear can enhance you performance.

Relieve eye strain and fatigue at work

But, not only can another pair of glasses provide a new look,  also some serve better functions!   If your significant other works on the computer all day long a pair of task specific eyewear can help them  more comfortably and reduce eye strain, fatigue and protect them from harmful blue light emitted from the computer.

Protection from UV rays causing lid and eye cancers, premature cataracts and macular degeneration

Sunglasses are not only a great fashion accessory but serve a very important purpose. Show your loved one how much you care with a pair of quality sunwear.

Encourage needed care for your loved one

Do you have a loved one who is well past due in caring for themselves?  Your mom, your dad, your grandparents?  They have everything they need and nothing on their Chistmas list yet they have not taken time to care for their eyes or wearing old eyewear to save money and not spend on themselves.  A gift certificate for care or eyewear can help them preserve their vision and keep them looking and seeing their best.

Gift Certificates

Perfect idea if you can't decide!!