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Don’t let an eye injury spoil your holiday season

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Christmas Tree Tips: Who would think the eye-catcher and focal point of the season, the Christmas tree, could be the very thing to cause you injury? Christmas tree injuries are very common, and should be addressed.

1. Wear eye-protective wear when cutting your tree.

2. Hang glass ornaments out of reach for small children.

3. Do not put gifts too far under the tree for small children.

4. Be careful around the tree, especially when reaching for gifts to not be hit in the eye with a branch.

If your eye is scratched by a Christmas Tree branch, you should call us immediately.   Fungus, tree sap, pesticides, bacteria and other harmful material that are often found on Christmas Tree branches can pose a significant risk to your vision .

Toy Tips for Parents: Children so excited to open their gifts and play; the last thing on their mind is eye safety. Unfortunately, toy-related eye injuries are at an all time high in the holiday season according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Most of the injuries are preventable.

1. Supervise children with new toys they may not be used to operating.

2. Avoid buying toys with sharp edges or projectile parts.

3. Choose toys based on child’s age but most importantly, their maturity level.

4. Explain proper use of toys to children before allowing them to find out alone.

Ready to Pop Champagne: Social gathering, spreading the holiday cheer sounds like the ultimate plan. Adults, when ready to pop the champagne remember to be careful. No one wants to be hit in the eye with the cork.

1. Remember to hold the cork down firmly with the palm of your hand while removing the wire.

2. Use a towel and point it away from yourself and others.

3. Keep the bottle at a 45-degree angle.

4. Hold the cork down with the palm of your hand while you remove the wire hood.

Snow Glare while Driving: Those long drives to family and friends during the holidays are necessary but not with that blinding snow glare. It is a misconception that sunglasses are only needed in the summer.

1. Wear sunglasses with polarized lenses.

2. Keep windshield clean for smudges and particles that can distract clear vision on the road.

The holiday season is a joyous time of friends, family and food; lets keep it that way with close attention to eye-safety tips.