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Smoke Vision Care becomes ambassador for the Red Glasses Movement

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What does the Red Glasses Movement have to do with Smoke Vision Care?  In so many ways we see this message as perfectly fitting to our practice, patients and community.  So much so, we have decided to become an ambassador to help spread the message.

The Red Glasses Movement was started in honor of a very special 5-year old girl, Audrey Jandernoa, who passed away on Friday, January 26, 2018. Audrey was born with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect, but these were not things that defined her.

Audrey was defined by her bright Red Glasses, her contagious smile, and her lack of inhibitions. She went through life like a little bulldozer, pushing her way through every door possible to achieve her goals again and again beyond the expectations of others. She had a way of loving indiscriminately and without restrictions. She was a shining example of love, kindness, and courage in this world.

We feel our practice is a perfect place to start sharing the message for many great reasons.  First, we love glasses!!  Especially big bold glasses that make a statement.  Second, we love caring for patients who have special needs.  Down's Syndrome is associated with a high incidence of ophthalmic conditions that can negatively impact the life of these patients if they are not diagnosed or left untreated.  Our practice is uniquely suited to spend the time and attention to the specific needs of Down's Syndrome patients.  Thirdly, the way Audrey lived was a great example to all of us. It can inspire each and every one of us to Live Boldly. Love Big and Pass it on.

The Red Glasses Movement is Audrey’s living legacy. We’re glad we get to share it with you.

Stop by any of our offices to pick up your FREE pair of Red Glasses so you can show your support for the power of this positive message or share with someone you love who needs a little motivation to keep living, loving and passing it on.

To learn more about the Red Glasses Movement or help spread the message please visit the Red Glasses Movement Website

Like the Red Glasses Movement Facebook Page   to become inspired by the stories of other who are living and spreading the message!!