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Our tools for early detection and proper treatment of AMD

Vision Simulation With Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration is one of the number one causes of vision loss.  Early diagnosis and intervention can help a patient retain vision but a majority of cases are diagnosed too late.  Many others simply start taking "vitamins" they heard are good for the eyes when in fact, standard AREDS/AREDS2 formulas are not safe and may cause progression in some AMD patients.

Our comprehensive eye health and vision exams will help detect AMD in the earliest stages.  We have the most advanced technology to evaluate the health of the macula through Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) , a quick and safe test enables an in-depth assessment of the retina to detect warning signs before they affect vision. Similar to an ultrasound or MRI examination,an OCT scan is a quick, easy, and comfortable experience.  The images below show that OCT instrument and example of a scan of a macula with and without AMD changes.

oct machineoct amd and normal

We also offer a genetic test to patients who have a diagnosis of early or intermediate AMD. Using the complete combination of AMD genes and smoking history, the test identifies those most likely to progress to advanced AMD with vision loss. The test is a simple cheek swab that gets sent to a testing lab, and the results are returned to our office within four weeks. Most healthcare insurers including Medicare reimburse the test.

The test allows us to identify whether you are at an elevated risk of advancing to the more severe form of the disease because of a genetic predisposition and which if any nutritional supplements are right for our type of AMD.  Knowing your risk of progression can help us better monitor and manage your disease with the goal of protecting your vision long term.   Click the image below to visit the macula risk genetic testing website and learn more.

predict and protect