Contact Lens Fitting

Fitting your eyes for Contact lenses

Contact Lenses Fitting

A comprehensive examination is where we begin analyzing your ability to wear contact lenses. Not only your prescription, but overall eye health must be taken into consideration to determine the best lens design and wearing regimen to prescribe for you. This exam also gives us a baseline finding on your ocular health to which we compare findings at future visits assuring your lens wear is not compromising the integrity of your cornea and other ocular tissues.

We take careful assessment and measurements of your cornea (the structure your lens sits on). Taking these and your lifestyle needs into consideration, we will discuss the lens options available to you and make recommendations. After designing your lens parameters we will order your lenses or, because we keep a large inventory of lenses in stock your lenses may be available immediately!

First-time wearers need instruction on proper handling, insertion, removal, and care of your lenses. Our contact lens technician has received extensive training to assist you. Proper instruction will diminish problems related to handling such as tearing and loss. We will provide as many visits as you need to feel confident. Most dispensing visits last 30 minutes to an hour.

Follow-up visits are extremely important in assuring proper lens fit and ocular health. Although contact lenses have become a commodity today they are a medical device whose wear can result in complications. Early detection of problems related to lens wear can reduce the severity by allowing immediate intervention. The minimum number of follow-up visits you will have with the Doctor is three. They will be scheduled for one week, one month, and three months after your dispensing. Contact lens wearers should have a complete eye examination annually thereafter.


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