Comprehensive Eye Exams

At Smoke Vision Care, our experienced optometrists are dedicated to providing comprehensive eye care services to ensure optimal vision and eye health for all our patients. We offer a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options for various eye diseases, as well as specialized services such as fitting specialty eyewear for sports, occupations, hobbies, and safety glasses.

Our Routine Eye Exams Include:

  • Thorough assessment of systemic and ocular health history for you and your family
  • Detailed discussion of any symptoms you may be experiencing
  • Visual field screening
  • Contrast sensitivity testing
  • Color vision assessment (baseline exam only unless disease present)
  • Evaluation of eye balance and alignment
  • Computerized and subjective refraction
  • Goldmann tonometry to measure eye pressure
  • Slit lamp microscopic exam to evaluate anterior eye structures, detecting conditions such as cataracts
  • Optional but recommended digital retinal photographs
  • Dilated retinal inspection to view all structures of the back of the eye
  • Review of exam findings and personalized recommendations

Benefits of a Comprehensive Eye Exam:

  • Evaluates all aspects of vision and eye health
  • Examines external and internal eye structures for signs of disease
  • Tests visual function, including depth perception, color vision, and peripheral vision
  • Screens for conditions such as glaucoma and evaluates visual acuity
  • Considers total health history to assess overall eye health holistically

Limitations of Vision Screenings:

  • Only assesses distance visual acuity, not other aspects of vision
  • Conducted by individuals with limited eye health training
  • Uses inadequate testing equipment and may not consider environmental factors affecting results

​​​​​​​If you're experiencing changes in your vision or have concerns about your eye health, we encourage you to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with us today. Your vision and eye health are our top priorities.


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