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Comprehensive Eye Health and Vision Exams

Our patients receive the most comprehensive examination including an eye health and vision component  to make sure you are seeing clearly and your eyes are healthy.  The care of your vision and eye health is so naturally intertwined we can't imagine treating your eyes any other way.  This is why each routine eye exam at our office includes:

  1. A thorough history of you and your families systemic and ocular health
  2. A detailed discussion of symptoms you are experiencing
  3. Visual field screening
  4. Contrast sensitivity testing
  5. Color vision (baseline exam only unless disease present)
  6. Test of eye balance and alignment
  7. Computerized refraction
  8. Subjective refraction
  9. Goldmann tonometry–measures eye pressure
  10. Slit lamp microscopic exam–evaluates anterior portions of eye detecting conditions such as cataracts
  11. Digital retinal photographs (optional but recommended)
  12. Dilated retinal inspection (to view all structures of the back of the eye)
  13. Review of exam findings and recommendations