Humphrey Visual Field Analysis

Assessing the function of the optic nerve is part of every exam at Smoke Vision Care.
A screening field can help detect a defect from stroke, tumor, or glaucoma before the patient is aware of the problem. Each year we diagnose asymptomatic patients with potentially sight and life-threatening conditions that would have been missed without this important test.

What is Humphrey Visual Field Analysis?

Humphrey Visual Field Analysis, also known as automated perimetry, is a sophisticated test that measures your central and peripheral vision. It is particularly useful in detecting and monitoring conditions such as glaucoma, optic nerve disorders, and neurological diseases that affect the visual pathway.

How Does it Work?

During a Humphrey Visual Field Analysis, you will be seated in front of a specialized machine and asked to focus on a fixed point while tiny lights are projected onto a dome-shaped screen. You will then respond to the appearance of lights in your peripheral vision by pressing a button. The machine will create a detailed map of your visual field, highlighting any areas of reduced sensitivity or visual defects.

Why Choose Humphrey Visual Field Analysis at Smoke Vision Care?

At Smoke Vision Care, our experienced eye care professionals utilize the latest advancements in technology to perform Humphrey Visual Field Analysis with precision and accuracy. By detecting subtle changes in your visual field, we can identify early signs of eye disease and develop personalized treatment plans to preserve your vision.


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