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Over time the sun's rays can seriously damage the eyes and surrounding skin.  Over exposure can lead to vision loss from conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration, also to eye and eyelid cancers.  All eyewear is not created equal and you can rest assured knowing that we will help you select eyewear that will provide the proper level of protection and fit.

You should consider sun protection for your eyes as seriously as you do your skin.  Skin cancer of the eyelid make up 10% of all cases of skin cancer.  The best defense is sunwear.  Visit this link to learn more about cancer and the eye.

Beginning to wear sunglasses as a child is the best way to reduce the accumulative affects.  We even have sunwear that fits infants.  Follow this link to learn more about BabyBanz–an the importance of sunwear for infants and small children.