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Will my visit be covered under vision or medical benefit?

Vision Benefits

Vision benefits typically include allowances for wellness eye health exam and the portion of the exam as it relates to the determination of your eyeglass or contact lens prescription. Vision insurance usually provides an allowance for a portion of the cost of materials to correct your vision; eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. Most plans do not limit what eyewear products you can select but allow the benefits to be used toward the best product for your visual well being.

Medical Benefits

If you have a medical condition of the eye or a complex systemic case with high risks of eye disease such as diabetes, family history of glaucoma or taking medications with high risk of ocular side effects, your medical insurance will be billed for all or a portion of your eye health evaluation.

If you have both vision and medical insurance, split billing may occur for your services. Co-pays and deductibles for each plan will apply.

You may have coverage for important eye health care, even though you do not have vision benefits. You do not have to have vision coverage to obtain eye health care if you have a medical condition of the eye.

We may not know which of your insurance plans will need to be billed until the completion of your evaluation, when we have fully assessed your eyes and vision.