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Mother’s Day Eyewear Makeover Contest

There is nothing more beautiful than the love we see in the eyes of our Mother's.  Many mother's postpone their own care or will not invest in themselves in lieu of placing the family ahead of herself.  Some of our mother's feel they are too old or do not have the financial resources to purchase a new pair of eyewear for themselves.  Whatever you special mom's reason is, it provides a perfect opportunity to be able to enter them to win a well deserved eyewear makeover which will help her see better and look better.  The entrant does not have to be your biological could be a special mother of someone else you know who has touched your heart over the years and you feel is deserving of the makeover.  The contest will be hosted through our facebook page. Just go to our facebook page and click the contest tab or follow the link on our timeline or website homepage to enter.  The most votes will win so remember to share your entry to gather voters for you momWe're proud to be sponsoring our 3rd annual Mother's Day Eyewear Makeover.